Current Project Schedule

Many may wonder “if” and “when” actual construction will begin, so let us break it down for you.

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition and Demolition Ongoing
  • Utility Relocations – Begins November/December 2018 (12-18 month process)
  • Phase 1 – Widening Northbound Side of Existing Bridge and Construction of Northbound Frontage Road (Seabrook) – Begins Spring 2019 (12-15 month process – schedule pending)
  • Phase 2 – Widening Southbound Side of Existing Bridge, Construction Southbound Frontage Roads (Seabrook and Kemah) and Construction of New Express Bridge (Phase 2 begins after Phase 1 is complete, tentatively 2-year process)

State Highway 146 is a state-owned highway and is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. Traffic light problems, potholes and other concerns should be reported directly to TxDOT by calling (281) 464-5500.

New Website Coming Soon

We know you want updates on the SH 146 Expansion and we want to make sure you know what is happening with the highway so we are building a new and interactive website that will feature weekly construction updates, business opportunities, FAQ’s and much, much more. We hope to launch the new website fall of 2018. You can continue to check this blog for periodic updates.

Project Overview

In summary, the TxDOT project will expand the highway in a fashion similar to other parts of SH 146 that run through the city of La Porte. Beginning at Red Bluff Road the highway will be expanded south through Seabrook. A new expressway bridge will be built west of and parallel to the Seabrook-Kemah Bridge. The current bridge will remain and serve as a frontage road for motorists.

Specifically, the project will consist of the following:

  • Widen and restructure the existing facility to a six- to 12-lane freeway
  • Add grade separations at major intersections
  • Add access roads in selected locations
  • Add express lanes over Clear Creek

More details concerning the physical logistics of the project will be released closer to the construction phase. At this time, the construction phase of the project is not expected to break ground until 2018. View the project specifics online at