Laredo’s Demolition

The demolition for previous restaurant Laredo’s Tex Mex has completed. The business owner is currently looking for new sites to relocate to in Seabrook. More detail will be given when made available.

Utility Relocations

Utility Relocation

The utility lines seen today are in the existing footprint of the highway and all of these will be relocated into the newly acquired right-of-way making room for the new highway. Utility relocation is one of the first phases and will take approximately 12 to 18 months to complete. Utility relocation begins at the end of 2018 and highway construction will begin in 2019.

TxDOT Properties

Vacant Businesses

As right-of-way acquisition has come to an end, businesses along the corridor are vacated. TxDOT now owns the property and is responsible for the demolition and upkeep of the property. The City of Seabrook is communicating with TxDOT regarding the properties and the need for mowing. You can view all acquired properties by visiting TxDOT’s Real Property Asset Map.


TxDOT Staging

You may be wondering what these jersey barriers are for in front of the Subway off 146 on the north side of town. TxDOT has begun the staging process for the project’s construction phase. Utility relocation will begin later this year and actual highway construction will begin in 2019.


Another business is relocating soon, due to the Highway 146 expansion. Solutions Pest & Lawn, currently located at 2709 Bayport Blvd., is relocating to another location outside of Seabrook. More details about their last day of business will be announced when it is made available.

All American Automotive Relocation

We’re sad to announce yet another business has closed down here in Seabrook, due to the Highway 146 expansion. All American Automotive, previously located at 1413 Bayport Blvd., has moved to a new location. We thank them for their numerous years of service in Seabrook and wish them well on all their future endeavors.

AutoZone Opens At New Location

Congratulations to AutoZone! Previously located at 2650 Bayport Blvd., AutoZone has finished moving into their new location, here in Seabrook. They are now located next to the new CVS at Repsdorph Circle and open for business. Go check them out!

Angel Cuts New Location

Angel Cuts, previously located at 1422 Bayport Blvd., is also one of the businesses affected by the State Highway 146 expansion. Although their old location is closed now, there’s some good news! They have decided to stay in Seabrook and have officially moved into their new location at Miramar Shopping Center, next to Burke’s Outlet.

Whataburger Closing

Sadly, Whataburger located at 1408 Bayport Blvd., has announced they will be closing down on Monday, July 30 at 2pm. Currently there are no plans for relocation in Seabrook and the company is waiting until later during the construction time frame before reviewing sites and considering options on a new site in the community. We will definitely miss them and wish them well! Now is the time to get your Whataburger fix here in Seabrook!

Walgreens Demolition Underway

The demolition at the former Walgreen’s site, located at 1902 Bayport Blvd., is also currently underway. The site should be cleared within the next 30 days. Walgreen’s has indicated that they are considering sites in the area for their relocation.