Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We want to try and answer any questions you may have so we have put together a few commonly asked questions and answers. If you still have questions please send an email to

What is the SH 146 Expansion Project?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is constructing an improved freeway section starting at Red Bluff and extending to FM 96 south of the Galveston/Harris county line.

Has TxDOT and Union Pacific come to an agreement?

On October 3, 2017, the Houston District TxDOT Office released the following statement.

“TxDOT is pleased to have reached a negotiated settlement with Union Pacific Railroad and right of way acquisitions are moving forward.  TxDOT is diligently working toward having the SH 146 reconstruction project ready and available for letting this coming summer (2018). ”

What improvements are included?

    • Widening from 4 lanes to 12 lanes
    • Elevated Expressway from NASA Parkway running south to FM96
    • New overpass at Repsdorph
    • New overpass at NASA Parkway
    • New feeder and arterial ground level roads
    • New bridge to the west of the current bridge crossing Clear Creek channel
    • Waterline improvements
    • Sanitary sewer improvements
    • Continuous  5-foot pedestrian paths on both the east and west side
    • New design elements and city branding based on the City of Seabrook Master Comprehensive Plan

Why is this project important?

Regional mobility and hurricane evacuation are keys to the importance of this project. Seabrook is located in the heart of two areas that are exploding with new growth and SH 146 could not keep up with the volumes.

How much is it costing and how is it being funded?

This is a TxDOT project and is being funded by TxDOT. Specific details about the cost and funding sources can be found TxDOT’s website.

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The City of Seabrook has been planning for the expansion of 146 for several years and in anticipation of the project Seabrook City Council created the SH 146 Stabilization Fund to help offset the loss of revenue during the construction phase. The SH 146 Stabilization Fund is $800,000 and was in December 2011.

When will the project start?

While the right-of-way acquisition for the project began in 2016, construction contracts are slated to be awarded in May 2018. This is when we anticipate construction activity to begin.

How long will the project take to complete?

TxDOT estimates 3 to 4 years for the entire scope of the project to be completed.

What businesses will be impacted by the project?

All businesses that are directly on SH 146 will be impacted in some way by the project. Many will need to either relocate to a different part of the community or make other plans. The City of Seabrook’s Economic Development Corporation has been active in preserving and relocating our existing businesses within our community.

What businesses plan to relocate in Seabrook and where do they plan to relocate?

The following businesses have either already or have made an announcement on their plans for the future:

  • Seabrook House of Flowers may potential relocate to Pelican Plaza on NASA Parkway.
  • Marios Flying Pizza will be moving to 2100 E. NASA Parkway, Seabrook, TX at the beginning of 2018.
  • CVS plans to relocate to the Seabrook Town Center around the Repsdorph Traffic Circle
  • Autozone plans to relocate to the Seabrook Town Center around the Respdorph Traffic Circle
  • Tookies will be relocating to the old Ichibon building in Kemah
  • Whatburger plans to close
  • Sonic has closed
  • Blueline Rental is currently reconfiguring their existing location
  • Neptune Subs will plan to close by the end of the year
  • Walgreens will close at the end of October
  • Wells Fargo on SH146 will close in January 2018

We will continue to work with businesses on relocation options and make announcements as we are notified by businesses owners of their plans for either relocation or other options.

Will there be a sound wall?

There are no sound walls in this TxDOT project.  A study was conducted by TxDOT to determine the eligibility of this in the current scope of the project.

How will utilities and pipelines be impacted?

Municipal utilities will need to relocate due to the highway’s construction – but services will not be hindered by the relocation. Likewise, many – if not all- of the pipelines in the corridor parallel to the railroad corridor will need to be relocated by the individual pipeline companies.

How many lanes of traffic will stay open during construction?

TxDOT will always have 4 lanes of traffic open at all times

How is the city going to keep traffic out of my neighborhoods?

Traffic control will be a big part of our efforts to maintain as much normalcy as possible with commuters, shoppers, delivery drivers and employees of businesses affected by the highway project. We are currently working with the Seabrook Police Department and other partners on traffic control plans and will continue to update this site with information.

How will police and fire be impacted?

As with all our residents and visitors, TxDOT and the city wants to ensure that traffic continues to flow smoothly with minimal interruptions and delays. Emergency services will have the latest information on routing around construction to ensure safety and security are provided to our community.

Have more questions?

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