Overlay Map

Recently, the city added a new layer to their GIS mapping system that shows residents and businesses the exact schematic of the new highway design. Users can zoom in to see how current businesses will be affected and how existing parcels will be divided. This new tool is useful to landowners who are scouting perspective […]

Right-of-Way Acquisition

Right-of-way acquisition began in January 2016 and Seabrook will start to see storefronts closed and demolished in 2017. Taco Bell/KFC will close their doors at the end of January 2017 and shortly after the Seabrook House of Flowers will be relocating the Pelican Plaza off NASA Parkway across from Endeavor Marina. As the year progresses […]

SH 146 Stabilization Fund

With the expectation that the City of Seabrook may see a reduction in property and sales tax as a result of the highway expansion, city officials established the SH 146 Stabilization Fund to help offset the loss of revenue during the construction phase. The good news is that newly approved and pending developments have the […]